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  • What types of events can STARBAR be used for?
    Just about any type of fun gathering including corporate events, brand activations, golf tournaments, festivals, birthday parties, and tailgating.
  • Is STARBAR a good fit for corporate and marketing events?
    Absolutely! STARBAR is perfect for corporate tradeshows, festivals, and brand activation events! Feel free to contact us to discuss how to incorporate branding to the exterior and interior of the trailer.
  • What do your packages include?
    Our basic package includes delivery, set-up, break-down, pick-up, and up to 4 hours of trailer usage. We'll also help set up all alcohol and beverages inside the trailer. Equipment includes: - dual tap kegerator with taps and CO2 - 2 beverage refrigerators - 4 compartment sink - ice bin - plenty of counter and workspace Other add-ons include: - extra hours of trailer usage - bartender(s) - ice, napkins, plastic cups, non-alcoholic beverages, and mixers - generators if no power hook-up available - decorative string lighting - cocktail tables - yard games
  • Does your standard package include a bartender?
    We aim to keep our packages flexible. Therefore, the base package price does not include a server. You can add a professional bartender to your base package for $50 per hour.
  • Do any of your packages include alcohol?
    Due to the liquor laws in Florida, we cannot provide or sell any alcohol. However, we can help you pick out exactly what you need or even work with your catering company who can provide the booze.
  • Will the STARBAR trailer fit at my outdoor venue?
    The dimensions of our trailer are 20' wide by 8' wide by 12' high. However, extra space will be needed to maneuver her into place and provide enough room for a comfortable experience for your guests. Always contact your venue to check their rules on drive-up mobile bars. If special permits are needed for STARBAR to be present at the chosen location, it is up to the client to provide the permit.
  • What is the set-up time for getting STARBAR up and running?
    Depending on location and venue size, anywhere between 1 to 2 hours of set-up time will be needed prior to the event.
  • My venue doesn't have available power. What can we do?
    No power. No problem. We have small, but quiet and powerful generators which we can bring. This option is a $100 add to your package price and includes up to four (4) hours of continuous run-time.
  • Do cocktail tables come with STARBAR's standard package?
    Cocktail tables can be added to the standard package at an additional charge of $10 per table.
  • Can we decorate STARBAR to match the decor of our event?
    Any decorations that do not include fire, nails, glue, or objects that will damage the trailer can be used to decorate.
  • I am ordering kegs for my trailer rental, what do I need to rent?"
    All of our trailers are set up with Standard Sankey D Coupler taps. These taps are the "standard" for US kegs. Imported beers such as Stella, require special taps. You MUST notify us before you order a keg that requires a tap that differs from a Sankey D Coupler. If a keg is rented that will not hook up to the trailer, the client is responsible for providing the coupler (tap) for that particular keg, so that beer can be dispensed. We recommend picking up your event kegs the morning of the event, and setting them on ice and rock salt ASAP. The colder the beer is when we arrive, the better the beer is served to you and your guests.
  • Do you carry insurance?
    Yes we carry a general liability policy of $1,000,000 along with appropriate liquor liability insurance.

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